Meat Processing

Call us at Call us at (830) 597-4242 for processing inquiries. For after hours, call: (830) 279-3197

Basic processing includes:
steaks, stew, tenderize, grinding, vacuum packaging*, freezing

  • Skin and quarter only, pack on ice in your cooler: $80
  • Skin only; no processing: $55
  • Cape to neck, no processing: $75
  • Process quartered: $75/animal
  • Process bulk quartered parts not whole animal: $20/qtr w/ $60 min
  • Already skinned but hanging: $85
  • Skin and process under 60lb: $95
  • Weight over 60lb: $1.50/lb
  • Caping with processing: add $60
  • Field dressing deer and hogs: add $80; gut-shot deer: $95; gut-shot hog: $150
  • Storage only: $30 + $5/day
  • Grinding & bagging only (no boning, no trimming): $1.35/lb w/ $45 min

*Hamburger/bulk sausage is packaged in 1.5# meat tubes. Vac Seal for .75/bag

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