[NOTICE] Due to increased demands on the meat market amid COVID-19 fears, we are NOT accepting any wild game processing until further notice. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working hard to keep the local community supplied via the cafe and USDA inspected meat Products.

Meat Processing

Call us at Call us at (830) 597-4242 for processing inquiries. For after hours, call: (830) 279-3197

Basic processing includes:
steaks, stew, tenderize, grinding, vacuum packaging*, freezing

  • Skin and quarter only, pack on ice in your cooler: $80
  • Skin only; no processing: $55
  • Cape to neck, no processing: $75
  • Process quartered: $75/animal
  • Process bulk quartered parts not whole animal: $20/qtr w/ $60 min
  • Already skinned but hanging: $85
  • Skin and process under 60lb: $95
  • Weight over 60lb: $1.50/lb
  • Caping with processing: add $60
  • Field dressing deer and hogs: add $80; gut-shot deer: $95; gut-shot hog: $150
  • Storage only: $30 + $5/day
  • Grinding & bagging only (no boning, no trimming): $1.35/lb w/ $45 min

*Hamburger/bulk sausage is packaged in 1.5# meat tubes. Vac Seal for .75/bag

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